5 Email Marketing Hacks To Try Today

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With the popularity of social media sites such as Pinterest and Twitter, email is an often overlooked marketing channel. To do that, you create some kind of validation experiment, whether it’s a Wizard of Oz” set up (where there’s a man behind the curtain” fulfilling customer requests manually, while a team of developers works on the actual app), pre-orders or a crowdfunding effort like Kickstarter, or a landing page to capture email sign ups.

The customization that we wanted to do with jobs, the ability to segment our users, the ability to create different kinds of job matching and new email campaigns—everything was much, much harder before we moved to the SendGrid platform,” Miglani admits.

While setting up forwarding lists or cc’ing all of your customers on one email seems like a good idea, the truth is that this practice can cause a lot of problems (especially if a customer decides to reply all) — this prevents individual tracking or personalization.

Farber explains that email marketing is your biggest source of potential future income, because it’s an inexpensive way to capture the proverbial low-hanging fruit.” Nurture the customer relationship with relevant emails and when prospects are ready to purchase, you’ll be at top of mind.

And yes there are a few email transmission companies willing to take money for transmitting an email list, BUT what these companies don’t admit is the majority of your emails will either be blocked or sent to the SPAM Box … since the transmission company is blacklisted by the ISPs (AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, etc).

Visitors to your store (online or physical) who are responding to a direct email message are twice as likely purchase from you than a customer driven by a search engine, and seven times more likely than a customer responding to social media marketing.